About the author

While studying business administration and information management Marc was trained as an intermediary between business and IT. At a large IT organization, he worked primarily with Windows and Citrix, but learned a lot "on the job". "I have followed courses and training, but also given training myself. Teaching others is fun. If you can make something clear to someone else so they understand, you know yourself how well it works."

By coincidence Marc stepped on the SharePoint train at a local government department. Having worked 9 years in the same organization, he eventually moved to a SharePoint consultancy firm: "I found it quite a difficult transition because I had an established network, but I opted for the expansion of knowledge."

"In addition to my work as a technical consultant for various projects, I got the chance to create a service desk." This role as the main contact between end user and employer fits Marc like a glove. "I always want to provide good service. Sometimes even too much. I may occasionally have to be stricter. I had to learn to say 'no' if some things really can not be done. With clear and honest answers the customer knows what to expect. That only benefits customer satisfaction." My strengths are to analyze situations fast and accurately and document the required actions in detail. I’m always eager to learn new technics and products and to meet new people in this line of business.

Marc is currently working for Portiva. A consultancy firm based in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands.

As an freelance photographer, he likes to shoot photos for his employer or his own clients. He offers drone photo and video services in his own company Marcusmphotography (www.marcusmphotography.com). In his spare time he likes to go out to capture architecture, beautiful landscapes or nature through his lens or brew beer.