SharePoint and Office Cache mismatch

Regularly we come across users, working at clients, that want to open documents from or save documents to SharePoint but getting errors doing so. Some examples of errors / situations are:

A user downloads a document to edit in MS Word. He/She thinks that the latest version of this document is downloaded from the SharePoint Library. But, in the background, an older version of the document is opened from the cache on the pc.

Error message 1
User indicates that the program Microsoft Office Upload Center shows the error that the latest version of the document cannot be downloaded from SharePoint

Error message 2
User gets the message that he/she has no permission to open or download a document. Colleagues are allowed to check out, edit and check in the document.

Error message 3
User is allowed to open the document and can edit the document while working locally on the pc. But when the document must be uploaded to the SharePoint library he/she is not allowed to update the document.

In all three situations the Office Cache on the computer is causing trouble. To solve follow these steps:
1. Open Task Manager 2. Kill all processes of Microsoft products 3. Go to C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\OfficeFileCache (or \14.0\OfficeFileCache) 4. Delete everything in this folder

When thinking of a more permanent solution one might create a GPO to clear this cache on a daily basis